Exciting update for Website Travel & TravelDesk.

We are super thrilled to announce that in December, Matt McCourt has stepped back in and taken the helm as the new leader and owner of WebsiteTravel. This development marks a significant transition, with Matt now also overseeing travel brands such as Peterpans Adventure Travel.

In recent years, we have been proactive in re-building the WebsiteTravel platform based on partner feedback. Now, under Matt’s enthusiastic leadership, we are eager to navigate the changes and further contribute to the growth of our brands. Matt, expressing his deep connection to the industry, shared that he has genuinely missed being an integral part of this business, and his heart is fully invested in it. He looks forward to reconnecting with operators and agents in the coming months, navigating the changes that have unfolded in recent years, and appreciating the familiar faces and unique energy that make this industry so special.

Covid created unprecedented financial challenges for the business of Website Travel, but the technology remained sound and by acquiring this technology platform McCourt has the opportunity to reintroduce a much needed booking platform to the industry. The technology has undergone major upgrades and the original team of developers have successfully been brought back together. Hundreds and hundreds of products have been onboarded onto the system, and a major focus has been placed on the API’s to meet with the demands of evolving online offerings.

McCourt says; “The business has already started to grow faster than we had expected and we would like to thank everyone in the industry for your support so far and the reception we have received is very heart-warming.

Looking ahead, McCourt plans to leverage the Website Travel Technology platform to launch Peterpans, offering a robust beta for other retail and online agents seeking an effective system.

As we move forward, our team is diligently working to ensure that all operator products within the WebsiteTravel system are up to date and active. All collaboration in this process is crucial, and we are here to assist all operators every step of the way.

Here are some key points to note:

  • We have retained all old operator products, allowing operators to easily edit and re-activate them for sale.
  • A new CLONE button has been introduced to simplify the process of duplicating previous products.
  • WebsiteTravel vouchers with confirmed dates will be automatically paid on a fortnightly basis after the travel date, eliminating the need for manual claims.
  • Group access for those enterprise businesses running multiple operator accounts
  • Improved API connections with certain reservation systems
  • Settings to receive instant email notifications when bookings are made
  • System reports to access a details list of bookings made from agents.

We appreciate everyones ongoing support during this transition and looking forward to continuing our successful partnership under Matt’s leadership.

To access the system, you have 3 options:

    1. For those yet to onboard and verify their accounts and products onto the system, we invite you to take this opportunity by going here:
      Product Onboarding
    1. Alternatively, if you still have your logins, you can access WebsiteTravel straight away here:
      Login to Website Travel
    1. Or if you wish to create a new account, simply fill in the form here:
      New Operator Account

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out, Matt and the Support team are happy to help.