Travel Desk Management System
At Website Travel we say this is our ‘Plug n Play’ option. Plug in and watch your travel business grow.


Travel Desk Management System (TDMS): The famous booking software built SPECIFICALLY to manage a Travel Agency, Hostel Tour Desk, Hotel Concierge, Visitors Info Centre.

TDMS is feature packed with all the ancillary tools to run an agent business. Need access to thousands of instant bookable products in one shopping cart? No problem. Want all accounts taking care of in one easy weekly payment? No problem. Want your rosters to iCal? No problem. Need to motivate your staff to sell with easy to use KPI tools? No problem

TravelDesk™ provides a comprehensive collection of administrative front-end tasks including: rostering, staff record keeping, punch clock, commission structure, commission calculations, bonus agreements and even automated payroll calculations. As a one-stop front-end software for selling travel, TravelDesk™ ensures administrative and accounting costs are kept to a minimum.

Front-end sales reporting also features in TravelDesk™ allowing reporting on products sold, commissions generated, discounts applied, unit distribution, GP% and much more. Sales reports by individual, branch, region and enterprise streamline the setting and tracking of sales KPIs and reports are easily exported to CSV or your preferred accounting package.

TravelDesk™ is utilised by a broad spectrum of clients ranging from small family businesses making a few bookings a week to market leaders in adventure travel with multi-million dollar TTVs. Whatever the size of your business we have you covered.

TravelDesk™ is a front-end business management software for operating both an online & physical travel desk.

The TravelDesk™ software connects to the WebsiteTravel™ Global Marketplace to access an extensive global inventory, most of which has live availability allowing you to make bookings and receive confirmations at the click of a button.

TravelDesk™ makes it simple to track customer interactions, store quotes, take part payments and send confirmations direct to customers from the order and checkout screens.

How much does TravelDesk cost? Training and on-going support is free of charge and you earn a commission on all bookings.

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Why use us?


Largest Database Of Product

Agents have access to 23,000+ listings in Australasia & beyond. Operators’ products are updated by API connection or directly on our content management system; so you can rest assured the content is up to date and relevant to your business.


Increase Earning Potential

Access our buying power and earn excellent wholesale commissions. Or use your own confidential rates and special deals. OR BOTH! Website Travel provides flexibility to unleash your earning potential.


Simple Account Handling

Eliminate associated accounts payable duties, saving you tangible time & money. With one payment once a week ALL of your operators are paid directly into their accounts via our automated payment system. AND it’s all managed in your OWN currency.


Instant Bookable Product

Website Travel is connected. Our API connections provide up to the minute availability and pricing. Agents can instantly book accommodation, transport, activities, tours, car/camper hire, airport transfers and even flights at the click of a button.


Bells & Whistles

Website Travel is feature packed to give you all the necessary tools to run a successful travel business. The optional ancillary features like KPI tracking, Sales Incentivising, Rosters to iCal, e-vouchers, payment burn-links, lay-by quoting are FREE.


Reporting & Business Development

The extensive and comprehensive reporting is built to help you grow your business. Access up to the minute, easy to read reports to define and measure your progress.


Easy To Navigate

Our advanced cloud based technology has been developed by Travel Agents for Travel Agents. The user experience is streamlined to help you search, find and sell more efficiently; making your job easier and your customer happier.


12+ Years Experience

Sourcing and representing adventure travel product.


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