Frequently asked questions for Agents and Operators

Operator FAQs

  • How do I get paid? 

    Payments are made every fortnight on the 15th and the last day of the month on completed travel.

  • How do I receive my bookings?
    • DIRECT into your booking system. Connect to our Operator API and receive instant confirmation direct into your PMS/Res System or Channel Manager. We are already connected to many of the leading Res Systems and Channel Managers – please see the complete list here
    • EMAIL – Access our free allocations system called E-bookings. Receive automatic emails of bookings with full reservation and customer details.
    • PHONE or EMAIL – an agent will either call or send an email to make a reservation directly with you quoting a voucher number to confirm and guarantee payment
  • How do I integrate with WebsiteTravel?

    Click here for the application and full details

    The Operator API is a 2 step process. Availability and booking and then content.

  • How do I make sure agents book me?

    Because of the wide range of product that is accessible it is imperative to market your product well. The details you provide are showcased on our TravelDesk, through our API to OTA’s, via Wholesalers and sometimes used in print media. Below are a few tips!

    • Make sure your images are of a high quality – think Instagram worthy!
    • Sell yourself! Make sure your product information is up to date and includes all the information a customer or agent would need to know prior to booking your product.
    • Offer a introductory special – HOT DEAL – talk to our dedicated Support Team if you want to know more about this feature.
  • How much commission does the agent see?

    Operators have ultimate flexibility in allocating commission rates to agents. You can offer one commission rate for all agents or provide different rates for different agents. Our Service Fee is always included in the commission rate you set.

    For example: Unique Rate Group 1: if you have set a 27% commission, and the agent is on an WebsiteTravel volume-based Service Fee* of 2%, the agent will see and earn 25% commission. If that agent is on a WebsiteTravel volume-based Service Fee* of 3%, the agent will see and earn 24% commission.

    Unique Rate Group 2: if you have set a 20% commission, and the agent is on an WebsiteTravel volume-based Service Fee* of 2%, the agent will see and earn 18% commission. If that agent is on an AAGT volume-based Service Fee* of 3%, the agent will see and earn 17% commission.

    *Service Fees are determined on several factors including but not limited to the annual Total Transaction Value of bookings processed by an agent through WebsiteTravel and the technology product the bookings are processed through. Volume-based Service Fees are designed to incentivise growth in volume of bookings and support the ongoing development of the technology platforms. A new self-service tool is currently on the Development Roadmap to enable you to create and manage your unique rate groups independently. In the meantime, however, please email if you’d like to setup different rates for different agents.

  • What are the minimum system requirements to use WebsiteTravel?

    WebsiteTravel is a cloud based system so any operating system will work. We recommend using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari when accessing the system.

  • Do you offer training and support?

    WebsiteTravel has an extensive online HelpGuide with Step by Step guides and tutorial videos.

  • How do I sign up?

    To register as a WebsiteTravel Operator; simply follow this link and step through the easy online application

Agent FAQs

  • How do I take payment when making sales?
    • WebsiteTravel also offer an online payment solution enabling you to send a secure payment link and take payment online.
    • You can collect cash, EFT or use our online payment gateway for payment from your customer.(access to this is on request)
  • Can I link WebsiteTravel with my own website?

    Yes, you certainly can. Our Agent API provides the following features:

      • Images, content, itinerary information for all listings
      • Instant availability on all suppliers connected through our live bookings API or E-bookings
      • Booking confirmation processes
      • Branded vouchers for each sale
      • One credit account for access to thousands of operators
      • One simple payment – eliminating accounts payable duties for all operators (regardless of how many sales or operators you access!)

    This means all of the above can be utilised within your own website or booking platform without the necessity for manual processes. IT IS THAT EASY! Please click hereto apply

  • I have several staff members, do you offer rosters, report functions etc?

    WebsiteTravel gives you access to manage all aspects of your business through TravelDesk. Payroll, rosters, timesheet, punch-clock (including IP- location restriction and late sign-in text message notification), sales reports, product reports, staff bonuses, online payments, personalised packages.

  • Do you offer training and support?
    • We have a dedicated Support Team ready to assist you with any queries you may have
    • Visit our Youtube channel for our how to guides

Other FAQs

  • I can't find what i'm looking for, what do I do now?

    Please contact our friendly support team or visit our contact us page.

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