Website Travel YTT Workshop Rated the Highest by Industry Partners

The Backpacker & Adventure Tourism Industry Forum was recently held on the 2nd of May, 2018 at Byron Bay’s Community Centre. The event was hosted by our veteran industry partners, YHA and was jam-packed with incentive and presentations from tourism power-houses such as Julian Ledger, Sean Cummins and Kristy Carstairs.

We were thrilled to learn that the feedback results as gathered by YHA representatives rated Website Travel’s “sales focused” session as the highest!

Sydney based BDM, Sarah Flynn delivered tips on the benefits of a sales team and tour desk, utilising the TDMS & CMS systems to their full potential and increasing revenue by selling tours and activities.

The work shop was also lead by YHA’s National Travel and Tours Manager, Courtney Preo, who shed light on the importance of motivating sales staff and utilising simple selling tools. YHA are renowned for high-quality service.

We are so pleased that the presentation by Website travel was so well received and would like to thank all attendees and partners for their support.