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Do not load up your logo. We only accept a high quality, landscape oriented image that will really showcase your product.
Agents can search for your products using this code.
Please advise if tour ends in a different town/city
What age group this tour is recommended for (i.e 18- 40s)
i.e no children under 12 etc
i.e Must be able to swim
Minimum - the number of passengers that must be booked on for the tour to go ahead. Maximum - how many passengers before tour is full

Product Information

The teaser will be the first thing the agent reads, make it quick and sharp. More detail can be added in the description and itinerary. Max 300 characters
Which days does your tour run and are there any pickups included?
Add in the itinerary. If you don't have a set specific itinerary, please advise of the highlights of your tour. if your tour runs over several days, please advise the itinerary by using the following format: Day 1 - xxxx Day 2: xxxx - Also advise of any meals included per day
Extension of your Intro - use high impact language - Think about if from the agents perspective, why should they sell your tour over another similar tour. Include selling points.
Enter any extra costs such as reef levy's and marine park/ national park fees or any optional costs like lunch, photos etc. If no extra costs enter 'none'
Advise of any information you wish to have printed on the customer voucher
Include any specific information the agent should be aware of at the time of booking
Add in any important information and/ or dietary requirements and Luggage limits

Product Pricing

Adult, Child, Family, Student, 8 Bed Dorm, Single, Double etc.
Net: RRP minus Margin = NET -> this is the amount you will be paid
First date the customer can travel at this price
Last date the customer can travel until at this price
Date the fare will go live for agents to see - We recommend your fare to go live ASAP so agents can start booking your tour straight away
The date this fare will go offline
Amount of Passengers that can travel on the associated price loaded - i.e Family - 4 / Adult - 1.
Stipulates the amount of times the agent has to add the fare to the cart to be able to process the order. This comes in handy if you load a private room, but the price is loaded as per person. Or you have a family fare loaded, but price is per person. By selecting a fare restriction of 4, the agent MUST add 4 of this fare to the cart.
Advise the length of your trip - i.e 2 Days / 1 Night or 1 Day

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